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Say Hello to the Hosting Dashboard


Say Hello to the Hosting Dashboard

One dashboard for managing all your sites and domains.

At WordPress.com, we’re always striving to make your web management experience as seamless as possible. Our latest update marks another significant step in that direction. Today, we’re happy to share a new unified dashboard where you can manage and view your sites and domains. 

Whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or a developer, this interface was designed with your needs in mind.

Let’s explore! And if you want to try it out yourself before getting a tour, simply head to WordPress.com/sites.

Navigate multiple sites with ease 

Getting a bird’s-eye view of your WordPress.com sites has never been easier. With our new site management panel, your admin tools have been brought into one place. In addition to finding a comprehensive summary of your site’s plan and storage usage, you also have access to “Quick actions” like “Write post,” “See Jetpack Stats,” and more. 

If your site is on a plugin-enabled Creator or Entrepreneur plan, there are tabs for developer-friendly tools like the latest GitHub deployments, server logs, staging sites, and additional server configuration settings.  

This intuitive new dashboard serves as a convenient bridge between the global view of all your sites and individual site management within wp-admin.

Centralized domain management 

Overview of the new domains management dashboard at WordPress.com

When you reach the Domains page, you’ll see a list of all your domains that are registered with us, regardless of whether they’re connected to a WordPress.com site. In addition to quickly seeing each domain’s expiration date and status (“Active,” “Expiring soon,” etc.), you can easily access DNS records, contact information, and other settings. 

Install and update plugins, too  

WordPress.com's plugin marketplace, shown from within the new hosting dashboard.

When you land on the Plugins page, you’ll immediately find yourself at the built-in marketplace. From here, you can search for new plugins and then add them to one of your sites with ease. You can also manage and create schedules for updating your plugins rather than relying on manual updates.  

One more thing: wp-admin at your fingertips 

For those of you with websites on plugin-enabled plans (Creator and Entrepreneur), you now have the option of seeing the classic wp-admin dashboard instead of the WordPress.com “My Home” page. This is especially useful for folks who utilize multiple WordPress hosts, often on behalf of clients, and want to have the same visual experience between every site. Or, perhaps you learned the ropes with that classic WordPress dashboard and don’t want to leave it behind.  

To enable the wp-admin interface, visit “Settings” → “General” and then scroll down to the “Admin interface style” section. From there you can select “Classic” (wp-admin) or “Default.”  

We’re just getting started

At WordPress.com, we’re continuously refining and improving our platform based on your feedback. This streamlined dashboard is just one step along the bigger journey. We want to hear from you—your insights drive our innovation. So, dive in, explore the new features, and let us know what you think!

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