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WordPress.com + Your New Year’s Resolutions = 25% Off All Paid Plans


WordPress.com + Your New Year’s Resolutions = 25% Off All Paid Plans

Sounds weird but the math checks out. Subscribe and save before the end of the year.

Ben Sailer

With just one week left in 2023, time’s running out to lock in a 25% savings on making those New Year’s resolutions happen for your site in 2024. If you saw our last announcement, you’ll know that we’re offering 25% off all annual paid plans until the end of year. So now’s the time—as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, this deal will be as done as 2023.

As always, your domain name is free for the first year too.

Whether you’re starting your first blog or launching an ecommerce empire, there’s a plan that will help you make it happen. Our upgraded plans are designed to help you take your site to the next level, opening up features that let you:

  • Give your visitors an ad-free experience
  • Reach new audiences around the world with unlimited social sharing
  • Give your site some extra style with expanded customization options and third-party themes
  • Open up new ways to earn with our exclusive ad network, WordAds, and advanced but intuitive commerce and payment features
  • Add superpowers to your site by unlocking access to 55,000+ plugins that handle everything from next-level SEO to interactive forms and integrations with the tools you already use

Need a little inspiration for that resolution? How about:

  • Writing a blog post every week for an entire year
  • Starting a newsletter to share your passion, hobby, or cause
  • Launching that new business website or portfolio you’ve been thinking about

Wherever you want to take your site in 2024, we want to help you get there, and save some cash along the way. Lock in your savings now before this deal expires on December 31st.

We’d love to hear what you have planned for 2024 in the comments below.

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