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Official Country-Code Domains for .com.br and .de Now Available on WordPress.com


Official Country-Code Domains for .com.br and .de Now Available on WordPress.com

Add authority to your online presence with .com.br and .de domains.

This year has been a big year for domains on WordPress.com, from offering free transfers for Google customers to an all-new dashboard for managing your domains. We have one more bit of good cheer to spread before the year is through: today we’re excited to share the addition of two new country-specific domain extensions to our domain offerings on WordPress.com. 

Now, you can elevate your online presence with the official domain extensions of two of the most important and influential countries in the world: Brazil’s .com.br and Germany’s .de. Country-code domains like .com.br and .de resonate with local consumers, bringing both authenticity and authority to your online presence. 

For both of these newly available extensions, we provide our own trustee, so you don’t need to be physically located in Brazil or Germany to register either of these country-level domain names. 

Unlock your potential in Brazil with .com.br

The official .com.br domain extension is now available for purchase on WordPress.com for just R$ 99 a year (US$20). Business owners, students, artists, and bloggers alike can harness the power of .com.br to connect directly with Brazilian consumers in one of the Americas’ fastest-growing economies.

With millions of .com.br domains already registered, it’s one of the booming country-level domain extensions in the Western hemisphere. 

Make your mark in Germany with .de

Let’s depart Brazil for now and head north and east across the Atlantic. The official .de domain extension is now available on WordPress.com for just 8€ a year (US$8). Whether you’re a business owner or a content creator, a .de domain is the perfect choice to appeal to German consumers in one of Europe’s strongest economies.

With tens of millions of .de domains already in use, it stands as one of the most popular and respected domain extensions in the world. 

Why you should choose WordPress.com for your domains 

Every single day, our team is working hard to ensure that there’s no better place on the internet to purchase and manage your domain(s). Here are a few reasons to choose us: 

  • First Year Free: Secure your domain for free for the first year with the purchase of any annual plan.
  • Geographic Convenience: Own a .com.br or .de domain without being physically located in Brazil or Germany, thanks to our trustee service.
  • Powerful & Convenient Domain Management: Enjoy features like domain forwarding, multi-year registrations, lightning-fast DNS speeds, and free SSL protection.

Elevate your online presence with these impactful domain extensions. Register your new .com.br and .de domain names at WordPress.com today. 

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