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Meet Site Profiler: Instant Access to Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Any Domain


Meet Site Profiler: Instant Access to Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Any Domain

Site Profiler is a new, ad-free way to track down the details of any domain, from WHOIS to hosting provider.


Site Profiler is a fast, accurate, and ad-free tool designed to provide WHOIS and hosting information about any domain. Whether you’re a domain owner or just curious about where a site is hosted, Site Profiler is a fast way to pull up the details you need.

Just drop in any URL and you’ll have the hosting and domain registration details right at your fingertips. It’s free, simple, and user-friendly.

Why use Site Profiler?

  • Fast and accurate: Get precise domain information fast.
  • Ad-free experience: Focus on what matters without distractions.
  • Free to use: Absolutely no charge for using Site Profiler.
  • Check for domain availability: You can enter any domain, check if it’s available, and register it immediately through WordPress.com.

A simpler way to switch

With Site Profiler, you can drop in a URL, check the details, and make the switch all from one place—whether you’ve moving a domain over or an entire website. Google Domains customers can transfer their domain(s) to WordPress.com for free, and if you decide to add a paid website plan, too, your first year of domain fees is on us. And if you’re considering moving your entire site, please take advantage of our 7-day free trial for a risk-free, seamless site transfer. Learn more at wordpress.com/move.

What’s coming next?

We’re not done with the Site Profiler just yet. Stay tuned for additional features like performance and security scans to make this tool even more powerful. 

What other site analyses would you like to see in the Site Profiler? Let us know in the comments.

Get started today

Check a site, transfer your domain, and find all the details for any domain under the sun, with Site Profiler. Explore the tool here.

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