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The Challenges & Goals

Step 1 – Select Make and Model of your Drone & Purchase Repair Diagnostic Fee
To book a repair please purchase the service you require (with or without delivery). You will then receive a repair number. Alternatively if you have any questions feel free to contact us to discuss the issue with your drone. There is a €25 diagnostic fee to give your drone a full health check.
We do not fix any water damaged drones as they may be liable to future issues.
Included in the Repair Diagnostic Fee:
·Full diagnostics to assess all damage
·Quotation on cost to repair damages
Step 2 – Print your repair form
Print your repair form and insert this into your box, alternatively it can be taped onto the side of the package
Step 3 – Get your equipment ready for Shipping
Please pack your drone if you have chosen the collection service. We advise to package your drone in a strong cardboard box with plenty of insulation such as waste paper or bubble-wrap.
If you have chosen collection service, our courier will pick up the parcel, alternatively if you wish to drop it to us at The Haven, Ducleagh, Dromagh, Mallow, Co.Cork P51 WEF4
We require your Quadcopter (inc camera) & Controller Only. please include remote, 1 battery and also your drone We do not require any additional chargers, USB cables or bags.
Step 4 – Send us your equipment 
Book a DPD Drop Shop label by clicking the button on your job page and then drop your item at any DPD parcel drop off shop in Ireland. Book a DPD collection from your home or office, or send us your item using signed delivery company of your choice.
Alternatively you can drop it off to our offices at
The Haven, Ducleagh, Dromagh, Mallow, Co.Cork P51 WEF4 – Please contact us prior to visiting.
Step 5 – Confirmation
When we receive your equipment we will notify you via email. Our technical team will assess your equipment and consult with you the client with a quotation before carrying out any repairs.
Step 6 – Agree to the job
If you wish to proceed with the repair please accept the repair offer and make a payment. Once the payment has been made we will get working on your repair. 
If you would like to have your drone returned please select I want my drone returned please. There is a €15 delivery charge for returning the drone to you.



Services range from an aerial survey of forestry, bog land or tillage to mapping out farm boundaries, acreage etc.

These can be of great benefit to the farmer for grant applications or any farming or forestry bodies. High dimension accuracy is achieved by using highly intelligent mapping software packages and high definition cameras.


We offer anything from as simple as an aerial photograph of a property to a full promotional video which may include a voice over describing the property, your company logo, details of the property and outlines of the boundaries.

With technology now advancing rapidly it is much easier, more cost effective and very affordable to get the perfect shots to ensure the property is marketed to its full potential.


Within this sector, our services range from aerial photography, videography, inspections, mapping services to progression videography and much more. We have many packages to suit your needs.


Munster Drone Services offer a speedy, cost effective service for insurance related issues. We can perform a high definition inspection using 4K video and Engineer reports can be drawn up outlining structural damage.

We also carry out aerial surveys on behalf of private, commercial and insurance bodies. This is a one stop shop for all your insurance issues.


A picture of your property deserves a “pride of place” space on the wall whether displaying your proud new home or many years of hard work spent developing the surrounding gardens and features.


Munster Drone Services offers a wide range of services for the tourism sector in Ireland such as aerial photography, videography and promotional videos.

Ireland is renowned for the famous countryside and scenery it has to offer. We can capture any of these images using high definition camera equipment.

We also cover everything from hostels to Hotels.


Munster Drone Services offers a great range of services for the Golf and Pitch & Putt Industry. Services include, professional aerial photography, promotional videos and interactive course maps, which in turn are great marketing tool for both website, social media and much more!


Every project is different and that means the approach must be as well.


We help brands connect to their audience through shared values and interests.


We build a team around your needs and provide our clients with direct access.

The Drone Doctor - Repairs

We are a DJI recommended retail centre for Ireland, specialising in DJI Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Mavic 2, Spark and DJI Phantom drone repairs in Ireland.


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The Drone Doctor - Repairs

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