August, 2018
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T The game is a series of 10 text based riddles which are presented to the user one at a time

The player must choose a username at the beginning of the game which will be unique.

The player is presented with a series of 10 text based riddles. Players enter their answer into a text box form.

If the player guesses correctly, they are directed to the next riddle and awarded 1 point. If a player guesses incorrectly, their incorrect guess is storedand printed below the riddle.

At the end of the game, the players score will be recorded on the leaderboard using their username as a reference.

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The app features a game which requires a unique username so that results can be recorded on a leaderboard. The Top 10 results are displayed o nthe leaderboard. The app consists of a welcome page, an instruction page, 10 riddles and then a leaderboard page.

Users can restart the game at anytime by clicking the reset button at the bottom of the page. This returns the user to the starting page, so that the user can recommence.

Some of the tech used includes:


To structure and style the web app content, Including creating the POST method form.


To design the logic of the game
For reading from, and writing to, the game’s text files
For unit testing the game’s functions. These tests are found in
Creating a requirements.txt and Procfile to deploy the app on Heroku
Sorting the leaderboard data.


For binding functions to URLs using routing
To render HTML templates, including the use of a base template. These templates are in the templates directory
To enable Python programming within HTML pages
To trigger functions on GET or POST requests
For getting data from, and dumping data to, JSON files
Used for debugging


For storing and editing player data (players.json) and previously asked questions (used_questions.json) throughout the game
Used to store high score data, found in /data/high_scores.json


Used primarily for the website’s grid layout and for styling buttons, player cards, and the leaderboard table.

riddle me digidude web design

Manual Testing

Manual tests were carried out primarily for two purposes:

The flow of the App: Manual testing was required to ensure the game flowed as planned. The game was given to 3 separate testers to use and test on different platforms to try and find any issues. This proved successful and helped my development.
Experimenting with the project: The app was given to 3 differtent users to experiment with and raise any issues or problems. I received good feedback on the desing and flow of the app.

Responsive Testing

The app was tested on Samsung S8, Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPad Air 2 and also using the Google Chrome inspect feature to test for repsonsiveness and any errors that occurred. The main issue which was found was the sidevar/ navbar not resizing.
You should also mention in this section any interesting bugs or problems you discovered during your testing, even if you haven’t addressed them yet.

Browser Testing Browser compatibility.

The above features were tested in each of the following browsers:
Google Chrome Opera Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Safari

Manual Testing

Manual tests were carried out primarily for two purposes:

Testing the flow of the game:

The game loop (the render_game() function) is a combination of various functions. All these functions may work correctly, thus passing all the automated tests, but not work together as planned. Therefore, manual testing was required to ensure the game flowed as planned. An example of this was removing dead players from the JSON data before checking if all players have been eliminated. 

Experimenting with the project:

There were times throughout development where some experimentation was required to understand what functions to design. In these instances, the first step was to experiment by designing a few functions. Then, once it was known what functions should be designed, these functions could be tested to ensure that they worked as planned.

Automated Testing

I created tests to measure the accuracy of the functions of my app. I tested for usernames, answers, riddles and leaderboard.


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