November, 2018
Web App / Ecommerce
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M Minder Finder is a business website. It is built for a client running babysitter / childcare agency The website is needed for e-commerce so that potential parents / guardians can browse and search before eventually booking a childminder for their children that suits their location ,needs and requirements.

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The UX is made with simplicity in mind, it’s meant to be easy to navigate and simple information with icons to process.

The Client Dashboard

  • The Dashboard is the main area for the clients to edit their information and and information on their children. Simple buttons that provide the user with a modal for editing their own personal information and also
    adding children to their profiles.
  • The Client must register firstly to be able to post their information. The register and login forms can be accessed by clicking on the relevant button on the navbar.

The Babysitters List

  • The Babysitters list displays the basic information for each of the babysitters who are available with a small profile picture along with their name and a short description. Their price per hour is also displayed.
  • There is a search table at the top which leads to the search results page once selected.

The Babysitters Profile

    • The babysitter profile page displays details information on each babysitter from personal details, qualifications, work experience and childcare references.
    • The babysitter booking process can be started from here by selecting the quantity of hours required which adds to the cart.

The Blog

This is a simple Django blog with some saple posts regarding childcare and childcare information. The users can post comments which have to be approved or deleted byt he ADMIN and only the admin can post a new story to the blog.


  • The About Page gives a brief rundown of how the site works for both babysitters and the potential clients. There is a testimonial slider at the top and also some sample payment rates at the bottom with a link to the babysitters main page to encourage a booking.


  • The contact page contains a google map container highlighting the location of the business. There is also an email contact form which is working using emailjs. For those who have a special requirement outside of the standard bookings or any enquiry, they can use this form.
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  • cloud based IDE to create the project
  • to deploy the project

Amazon Web Services

  • AWS S3 – to store static and media files and to serve the website
  • AWS IAM – manages user access and encryption keys

Travis CI

  • Used to build and test the project


  • hypertext markup language


  • cascading style sheets


  • client side scripting language


  • Programming Language


-for version control and backup of code


-for version control and project management


  • A framework for developing responsive, mobile first websites.


  • python web framework

Libraries and packages

  • django forms bootstrap library for styling of forms
  • pillow needed for using images
  • ckeditor for rich text editing in creating and editing posts
  • dj-database-url to allow connection to database url
  • psycopg2 to allow connection to postgress database
  • django storages and botoS3- both needed to use django with S3
  • gunicorn – to connect to heroku


  • needed for online payment transactions for purchasing products


  • needed for the contact forms


  • needed for emails


  • Web Apps
  • Progressive Web Apps