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It is vital to be aware of when your organisation is under attack. With government research suggesting that a third of all businesses in the Ireland experienced one or more cyber security breaches in the last year, building the ability to improve defences and obtain visibility of malicious activity before it results in damage and disruption is now more important than ever.

Unfortunately, by the time most organisations first become aware that they have suffered a data breach, it is already too late. With attackers increasingly covert in their approach, critical assets and intellectual property may already have been compromised.

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    The benefits of Managed Detection and Response

    Identifying & Responding to Threats

    With no silver bullet for preventing 100% of all attacks, mitigating your organisation’s cyber security risk requires the ability to identify attacks as soon as they occur.

    Managed Detection and Response service

    Digidude supplies the skilled security experts, cutting-edge technology and up-to-the-minute industry intelligence needed to proactively hunt for and shut down cyber-attacks, 24/7.

    Testing Cyber Security Readiness

    To reduce the risk of your organisation being compromised by criminal attackers, frequent assessment and appraisal of systems is needed to highlight vulnerabilities that could be routinely exploited.


    General Data Protection Regulation

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    What is GDPR?

    GDPR s the toughest privacy and security law in the world. Though it was drafted and passed by the European Union (EU), it imposes obligations onto organizations anywhere, so long as they target or collect data related to people in the EU.

    Rapid Reaction

    Having appropriate procedures in place to detect and investigate data breaches and report them within 72 hours is also a key requirement.

    Managed Security Services

    Support the requirements of the GDPR by helping to identify and assess data security risks, proactively detect and report breaches, and drive improvements to information security policies and procedures.

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      Emilia Clarke
      Digidude Web Design Kenmare were so easy to work with. They understood our vision right away and did an excellent job at executing it, making for an efficient, as well as friendly, experience. Great work.
      Kieran O'Leary
      K Town Bar & Grill
      Emilia Clarke
      We only had a vague idea of what we wanted our website to look and feel like. Digidude Web Design Kenmare took our very flimsy brief and created a fantastic site which we are very proud of and which has significantly improved the branding of our club. Thanks Digidude!
      Conn Crowley
      Kenmare RFC
      Emilia Clarke
      Thank you so much for our new, even better, website. I really appreciate the hard work, ideas and support which you and Max continue to put into making it so fab. I love the new look and it is so easy to use. Our customers love it, our sales are up and I am really proud of it.
      Charlotte O'Sullivan
      Maureens Supermarket