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In today’s technology-driven world, cyber-attacks are becoming far more common. Hackers and bots relentlessly test your security to try and gain access to your sensitive data. When successful, they pose serious damage to your business’ computer systems, data and reputation.

From insider threats to social engineering, malicious software and ransomware attacks to data breaches, the list of cyber risks to combat seems never-ending.

Dealing with this alone is overwhelming. Companies that decide to try and navigate through unknown territory without the right knowledge or technology, risk the exposure of sensitive data.

With each of our services, we make sure that you have the right security measures in place to comply with the rules and regulations of the digital landscape. To do this we:

  • Give staff training on identifying and protecting themselves against attacks such as phishing.
  • Email SPAM and virus filtering to remove dangerous emails.
  • Install and regularly update anti-malware, anti-ransomware and antivirus software.
  • Monitor the darkweb for stolen credential.
  • Perform penetration tests and network scans during Quarterly cyber security audits.
  • DNS and IP layer traffic filtering.
  • Unified threat management gateway appliance.
  • Help put together a IT Security Policy that works for your company and the current data protection legislation.
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    Why should you choose Digidude?

    Governance, Risk & compliance

    Governance, Risk & Compliance can aid you to align IT activities to industry goals, manage risks effectively and stay on top of the compliance. It basically refers to a strategy for managing an enterprise’ s overall governance as well as organization Cyber security and risk management compliance with regulations.

    IT Security

    Along with our rapid advancement in technology comes the increased risk of hacking attacks. The role of the IT security consultant is essential to every organization whether private or government, for assisting to prevent these security threats.

    IT infrastructure

    We offer IT infrastructure service or in other terms IT security consulting services for our clients and partners to make sure that their digital transformation is running smooth. We do care about our clients and thus we take full responsibility of system integration, monitoring, and management for them.

    Security against emerging technologies

    We provide the best services in the areas of emerging technologies. We understand that emerging technologies come with threats and can cause disruptive effects on businesses as well as thus we stand by your side so that you can get full protection for your business.

    Let us resolve your security challenges

    Whatever your needs, we can help you to address them.

    Identifying & Responding to Threats

    Hackers could already have a foothold in your network.

    Securing Remote Workers

    Learn how your organisation can embrace the benefits of home working without negatively impacting cyber security.

    Testing cyber Security Readiness

    Improve cyber resilience with regular cyber security assessments.

    Managing Cloud Security

    Improve your cloud security with a managed service.

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