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3 Essential Design Trends, January 2023

3 Essential Design Trends, January 2023

Here’s what’s trending in design this month.

Black and white styles are a timeless classic. Designers use this simple color(less) duo because it is simple, elegant, and works with practically any content. What we are seeing right now is a move to create design aesthetics that feature bold white sans serif typography on stark black backgrounds.

The result is a design that you have to read. The words are often so in-your-face and concise that you can help but get the message the design is trying to convey.

Each of these examples takes a similar but varied approach to this design trend.

Orange isn’t a color we often talk about in design. The associations with the hue can be somewhat fragmenting, but as these examples show, it can make a great accent color.

As an option that’s a little less harsh than red – a common accent color – orange feels a little less intimidating.

There are a lot of variations, from a traditional orange to something more peachy to a rust hue. The great thing is that, for the most part, oranges will stand in contrast on light or dark-colored backgrounds and can be an excellent container for text elements.

Because this color isn’t as commonly used, it is also an immediate attention grabber.

This trend builds a lot and is reminiscent of the first collection of examples in this post. Text-only homepages are everywhere. What’s different here is that there’s no color requirement and the typography styles are kind of all over the place.

These designs are created in a distinct effort to be read. You are supposed to think about the words and how the message pertains to you. And if it isn’t relevant, there’s little chance you will scroll or further engage with the design.

That makes this a risky choice, but one that can pay off with the right audiences.

The one thing all these trends have in common is more of a shift back toward minimalism. That’s an overall design construction that never completely goes away but comes in and out of fashion regularly. These projects lean toward a trend of minimalism making a significant return in 2023.


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